Abstract från studien ”Hypometabolism in allergy: A review for otolaryngologists” (Laryngoscope, 1974 Jan;84(1):43-52.) som förklarar sambandet mellan sänkt metabolism och allergier:

Treatment failure in hyposensitization therapy for allergy is frequently associated with lack of utilizable thyroid hormone in the periphery at the cell level. Basic biochemical principles and endocrinological aspects of the problem relate to the enzymatic mechanism of allergy and atopy (Godlowski). Enzymatic protein synthesis and breakdown in the mitochondria within the cells requires energy supplied by the APT/ADP cycle. In turn, energy from metabolically active thyroid hormone (T3) is necessary as a driving force for the preceding. If T3 is lacking in the process, faulty, inefficient, toxic enzymes result, which cannot completely break down ragweed or other entering antigens to symptomless metabolites. Toxic allergy symptoms result in the patient.

Informationen på denna sajt ska ses som ett komplement, men aldrig ersätta medicinsk expertis

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